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Lies Of An Angel (Chasing Natalie’s Ghosts)

Seventeen year old Natalie’s once erratic life of constant moving and nervously navigating her father’s moods suddenly changes when she meets Hayden, a mysterious man with a familiar tattoo.

Natalie has secrets too. She has always had the ability to communicate with ghosts. She not only talks with them she can see and feel them as though they are alive. It is the loss of her beloved phantom Adam that throws her into the arms of Hayden.

However, Natalie soon discovers that Hayden’s dark and mysterious demeanour is hiding a world of ghost seekers eager to bring her into their circle.

By choosing to follow Hayden she drifts further away from her old life, but she’s thrown back into the violence when a family tragedy brings her home.

Lies Of An Angel is a ghost story for mature young adults with mild violence, suspense, and romance. It contains some strong language and suggestive dialogue.
Controversial subject matter
Recommended ages 14 and up.