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MARKET YOURSELF ON LINKEDIN: How To Use LinkedIn Marketing and the GroupSync Method to Make Your Consulting & Coaching Clients BEG You To Help Them – 7 Simple Steps (Series: Marketing Yourself)

Learn how to generate leads using the GroupSync Method, a powerful and proven LinkedIn marketing strategy. Learn from a successful marketer that’s actually done it.

Most consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs struggle to generate enough leads. The GroupSync method is quite fun and you can get astounding results.

Included is a special bonus: LinkedIn and Social Media Tracking Tool. It’s an Excel Workbook that has keyword search, and tabs for LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook. It’s adaptable to any social media marketing channel.

This book contains the actual things Marty has done to get more leads than he can handle. The great work you do as a coach or consultant doesn’t promote itself. Get off the roller coaster of income and marketing. Get more clients over and over again, building your pipeline like you’ve never seen before.

This book is not theory. It’s about Marty’s personal journey, documented step-by-step, very detailed instructions on exactly how he markets on LinkedIn.

The book has a ton of beautiful screen shots showing you every step of the way.

It’s like Marty is sitting there right next to you, coaching you through it all. Those of you who have had the luxury of Marty coaching you directly, will see his unique, transparent approach.

When you follow the book and learn the insights, it simply works. It’s proven. This book simply contains everything you need.