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Maui Brief: Quickly Master What You Need to See and Do on the Island of Maui

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Maui, Your Vacation of a Lifetime

Discover the real Maui. Travel Guides come in many forms but when one stands out for sharing much more than conventional wisdom it becomes invaluable. Author Trip Steven’s unmitigated love and aloha for Maui, Hawaii’s Valley Isle, permeates his newest travel guide, Maui Brief.

This is much more than a ‘what to see – what to do’ guide. Stevens touches on a few suggestions for lodging but more beneficially he provides links to multiple resources from finding the best airline fares to lodging options and condo rentals to where to buy what are included throughout the book. Rather than list dozens of restaurants, he supplies the reader with a link to an island- wide comprehensive website that lists all the eateries with menu, location, price and hours. That translates into benefits for the visitor – every detail is current and accessible from your smart phone throughout your stay.

Stevens takes the reader through the different areas on Maui. He shares what he feels are ‘must experience’ locations in an easy to read and entertaining style. The reader will get tips and takes on the Valley Isle that no other guide book offers along with needed information on everything from golf courses to surfing to planning a destination wedding. As stated earlier, Maui Brief does not overwhelm the reader; it offers pithy and factual comments and directs you to the best resources to pursue whatever you need for detailed information.

Throughout the book the reader will find any number of budgeting and cost saving tips and alternatives. He gently prods the reader to approach their Maui vacation in a more open fashion than any travel guide I’ve seen. If you can save hundreds in air fares, car rental fees, accommodations and in the full range of activities on the Island why not make use of them? Included are things like easy-to-follow directions to the Costco and WalMart near the airport so you can stock up on necessities upon arrival. Maui Brief is jammed packed with these tips so you can afford to return again and again.

Maui Brief is written with love, with Aloha and with a keen sense of Ohana for Maui and her people. This shows in Trip Steven’s words and in his stunning photographs. Maui Brief is a book to be read by not only by the traveler but also by those that know Maui and want to relive treasured memories. As a potential visitor to Maui, be it your first or fifteenth visit, his candor alone make Maui Brief well worth reading.