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Modern Sales Prospecting Secrets Revealed: 13 New Economy Answers For Golden Leads, Less Stress and More Money by Michael Eyo

Are you stressed out by a lack of prospects, clients and sales?

If you are still using yesterday’s sales prospecting strategies than you’re leaving money on the table and working HARD instead of smart. Ready for something new?

“This was a real eye opener! I can’t believe how many things I was doing wrong”

“A must read for anyone who considers themselves a sales professional in the digital age.”

“Very different! …40 years ago you didn’t have the convenience of a powerful tool known as the internet at your fingertips,”

“What the author spells out in these pages amounts to what I deem a STRATEGY GUIDE”

If you work in:
• Outside Sales
• Inside Sales
• Financial Services
• Real Estate
• Or own your own business

You know the secret to a healthy bank account and comfortable lifestyle is a pipeline full of new business.

Here’s the Problem…

The digital age has changed the game on us.

Modern prospects have the internet, social networks, smartphones and zero tolerance for sales pressure. This harsh truth means old school tactics like cold calling, begging for referrals and chasing leads are going the way of the dinosaur.

How would you like to learn the secrets of attracting people ready to buy…no matter what you’re selling?

“Modern Sales Prospecting Secrets Revealed: 13 New Economy Answers For Golden Leads, Less Stress and More Money” is a quick read survival guide any sales pro or entrepreneur can use to attract prospects and get more clients.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll discover:

-What the “Silver Bullet” to prospecting in the information age really is (so you get better results with less frustration)
-How to be shared and get referrals on autopilot with “Social Selling”…Instead of wasting time and irritating people
-How using a few secret techniques almost forces prospects to reply to every email and return your voicemails
-Why committing just one of “The 7 Deadly Sins of Cold Calling” will sabotage the sale and kill your credibility
-How to build professional rapport and provide value quickly…so you can eliminate quick rejection
-How to use the “Buyer Telepathy Technique” to find your ideal clients…and know exactly what to say to win the business every time.

When are you going to stop beating your head against the wall with time worn tactics? “Modern Sales Prospecting Secrets Revealed” is a quick-start and easy to read blueprint you will get results from immediately. You should pick it up now.