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Neuri Shape-Shifter (Stone Quest) by Leigh Podgorski

The third book of the Stone Quest Series finds Luke and Beth’s marriage reeling as daughter Bridget Grace struggles for autonomy, her psychic abilities, as she approaches menses, soaring.

Adding to the tumult is the case of three missing girls vanished from the Lower East Side of Manhattan where Luke lived as the disciple of the black magician Armand Jacobi. Luke’s investigation takes him to the raging Vampire Club scene where ominous signs point irrefutably to Jacobi’s involvement.

Then, BG vanishes, leaving behind only a cryptic note.

Luke’s world is further shattered by the sudden appearance of a beautiful older woman– Danuta Dabrowitz, his mother, bringing with her the memories and painful secrets of his childhood.

Luke’s investigation grows more gruesome, and more deadly– turning up the skeletal remains of Matthew, the boy whose murder twenty-five years ago has haunted Luke all his life. Working closely with retired NYPD Detective Stan Banor and his men, and with retired Sheriff Esther Rinaldi, Luke is no longer working a missing persons case, but a homicide.

Then Danuta tells him of their heritage to an ancient people, the Neuri, who possess enormous powers, including the power of shape-shifting– a power that Armand Jacobi himself may share. In battle against his arch-enemy once again, surrounded with warriors he is not sure he can trust, including himself, Luke Stone follows the trail from New Camen, NH, to Alphabet City, NY, to the Leelanau Peninsula of Michigan, in the race of his lifetime to save his daughter’s life.