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New York City Vacation Planner Guide: NYC Insider Guide to What to Know Before You Go by Melissa Trachtenberg

Plan Your NYC Vacation Like an Insider

Welcome to the New York City Travel Guide 2014, written by Melissa, author of the independent travel website www.nycinsiderguide.com and a fourth-generation, lifelong New Yorker. During her 5 years running the NYC Insider Guide, Melissa reviewed dozens of New York City Vacation Guides, but none advised “How to Plan Your New York City Vacation,” so you make the MOST of your time and money. This NYC Guide Book answers all the most commonly asked questions and helps you avoid the most common mistakes.

This NYC Travel Planning Guide is a PRE VACATION NYC Guide, like, “New York City 101.” It’s an overview of NYC, filled with New York Insider Tips, to help you PLAN your trip so you completely maximize your NYC experience. Planning your first trip to New York City? Overwhelmed by how much there is to see, do, shop and eat and worried you won’t have time for it all? Think NYC is too expensive for a proper vacation? NYC Insider Guide is here to answer all your questions, such as:

When should I visit? What’s the weather like? What should I pack?
How much should I budget for my NYC vacation?
Should I visit the Empire State Building or the Top of the Rock?
How do I get half price Broadway tickets? Where are all the NYC Coupons?
What’s the best way to get from the airport to my hotel
When are NYC Museums free to enter?
Are the sightseeing passes worth buying?
Is the subway safe?
What is the difference between the 9-11 Memorial and the Ground Zero Museum Workshop?
Is the Statue of Liberty free?

Melissa realized how much incorrect information was out there about NYC, when she saw some of the forum posts on popular travel sites, especially those answered by other tourists, were just plain…wrong. If you want your New York Travel Tips from a NYC local, and not from other tourists, then this New York Insider Guide is for you.
The NYC Insider Printable Maps Guide to New York City

Kindle is fabulous, but has limits for travel guides, which require maps and photos. The NYC Travel Guide contains some maps, but for printable, larger versions, we include links to FREE downloadable NYC maps you can access anytime on www.nycinsiderguide.com.

The upside of a kindle-only travel guide is it is easy to keep current. The website, nycinsiderguide.com, is updated almost daily, and this book is kept up to date as well. Since this book is only sold electronically, there is no need to wait for annual publishing deadlines. The information in hard copy travel guide books is usually at least one year old, often older. In New York City – that’s a lifetime! Use this guide to start your vacation planning, and then never worry about it again. Who wants to lug an extra 100 pages they don’t need around on vacation?

What Others are Saying About The NYC Insider Guide

About the downloadable NYC Printable Map Guide (available at www.nycinsiderguide.com)

“Thank you so much for this guide…this is absolutely what I was looking for in terms of “need to know information”. You have a done a great job 🙂 It practically has taken all the stress out of planning what we are going to do and will make sure we don’t miss anything. So thank you.”

“My friend and I just got back from our first trip to NYC. Your guide was GREAT!! We used it everyday. I particularly loved how there were suggestions for each area/neighborhood! That was very useful!”

“What a tremendous resource. The maps are amazing and I love all the personalized and useful information you’ve put into your ebook. It’s like having a friend in New York showing me around and looking out for me.”