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Noah: Why God Saved Him by Josh Austin

This is the story of Noah and the flood, referenced to the King James Holy Bible, 1611.

In it, you will be able to read the biblical account of the story as well as the details about the significance of this event today.

Discover the facts about the events leading up to the destruction of the earth and why God chose to save Noah and his seven family members.

Was Noah blessed with triplets?
Did Giants really influence the corruption of all flesh?
How did Noah shut the door of the Ark?
What did Noah do as soon as he reached dry land?
Did Noah get drunk and expose himself to his family?
Was a raven really sent out before the famous dove?
Was Noah a vegan?
Was Noah’s father and grandfather killed in the flood?

These are some of the questions you will be able to answer once you have read this concise book, and may you be blessed with the truth of this miraculous story!

Thank you for your interest in this content. Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim or any other chosen belief, we can all learn from the biography of this man and his actions in the 950 years of his life.

Genesis Chapter 5-9 have been included and explained in as much detail as Our Creator intended for this book.

We look forward to sharing future titles with you!