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Not Sure Boys: A Collection of Gay Fiction Short Stories

Find Out What All The Fuss Is About. Finally, Gay Fiction Crosses Over!

Looking for a short, sexy, entertaining and light-hearted read? That’s where this book comes in.

Not Sure Boys features three gay young adult stories about growing up on Massachusetts’ North Shore. The stories stand alone yet overlap to culminate in one steamy ending. There’s plenty to laugh about with these characters, but their stories also prove genuine and touching as the characters try to make their way in a confusing world. Whether you’re gay or straight, you’ll find something to relate to.

Three Gay Coming of Age Shorts that Read as Individual Narratives or as One Story

The stories include:

Wacky Packages, a gay young adult story (1970s style)

How’s he supposed to feel when his mom tells him it’s wrong to think his best friend is so handsome?

It’s the 1970s when summers should just be about trading Wacky Pack cards, playing baseball, and wondering what you’re going to be when you grow up, and not about lusting after your best friend’s older brother. Singing a bastardized version of ABBA’s latest hit into a hairbrush while standing in front of the mirror may get Robby just what he’s been asking, “Can I see your bum Fernando?”

Where Derek Van Lies, gay boys or not so gay boys?

At nineteen she is the biggest fan of the rising country singer in this sleepy affluent town.

Meet Susan, a developmentally-challenged teen living with her parents, bags groceries at Market Basket. Her life revolves around her idol, Derek Van, but when she tries to seduce him, Susan suspects something is wrong. Could he be a “homosapien”?

Livin’ on the Not Sure, a gay young adult story that grows into a hot gay romance m/m tale

Can the gay guy really get the hot, straight jock into bed?

Robby’s done just that, but Jamie is hopelessly straight.Yet during the sultry summer of 1984 they have a young adult romance before Robby moves to the West Coast for college. Decades pass before they meet up again.Despite Jamie’s straight-married life having gone sour, is there still a spark between them? Is it too late for Jamie to change?

Gay Romance M/M Has Never Seen Such Quality

Not Sure Boys is a funny yet tender collection of interrelated shorts about coming to terms with love under some not-so-accepting circumstances. The conflicts and dilemmas that arise in these stories are something every reader will find familiar and relatable.

What Do Readers Have to Say About One of the Best Gay Coming of Age Books of the Year?

“Engaging! Provocative! Fun!”
“Absolutely blown away by the ending of Wacky Packages!”
“Liked this one [Wacky Packages] a LOT!”
“Told with a voice that’s direct and honest.”
“Very tactile and full of nice mise-en-scene details. And I like the characters, even some sympathy for creepy Fernando!”
“Really, really liked Jamie. His character is very appealing and sympathetic.”
“Transported me back to my youth and the great, albeit ambiguous, days of growing up in the late 1970s on Boston’s North Shore.”
“I love the references to Uncle Dale, Wacky Packs and things of my past, also the Topsfield Fair and other local [to Boston’s North Shore] references.”

About Rick Bettencourt

Rick loves writing stories in which people triumph over obstacles, both self-imposed and otherwise. He enjoys seeing others realize that they are their own best (or worst, depending on how one looks at it) friend, that they are what they believe and can do amazing things if they put their mind to it. After reading Not Sure Boys, Rick hopes you too will come away feeling good.