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Oh Poop! Have You Heard an Animal Fart? (Animal Rhyming Picture Book) FREE Coloring Book, Fart Games, Puzzles, and Jokes (Children’s Book: Animal Reading Series) by Uncle Amon

Does your child enjoy silly fart sounds, stinky farts, and fart games?
#1 Best-Selling Children’s Book Author, Uncle Amon

This is the silliest, rhyming animal book out there! Fart noises, fart games, puzzles, and more!

Guaranteed to make YOU and your child laugh for hours. Your child will love the hilarious artwork in this book.

Sample From Book:
Have you ever heard a silly shark fart?
A shark fart is like listening to fart Mozart!
There are many different tones that please your ear bones.
It’s like listening to a fart telephone!

Over 15 Hilarious Illustrations
A List of Funny Fart Sayings
Fart Games

** Also Includes a FREE BOOK DOWNLOAD! **

What a gas! All the humor, fart games, and fart jokes will surely keep your child entertained for hours!