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One Liners For Life: Simple, Profound Messages to Spark Inspiration by Susan Spira

Because a happier life is just a one line message away!
Wouldn’t it be great if you could find out how to live a better life just by taking a message out of a bottle? Now, that’s everyone’s dream of a quick and easy way to self-edit for an awesome life! Imagine latching onto short, sweet, pithy, big punch ideas to guide a sometimes windy path.
Author Susan Spira has put your awesome life in a nutshell of over 400 One Liners for Life. Easy to read, earthy reminders, sound bites to swallow; sparks of inspiration; and gems so simple, yet complex to the nature of a well-lived life. Be inspired with One Liners for Life like:
• Look for your fortune inside of you.
• Never take anyone for granted, including yourself.
• We are not defined by our tasks; we are defined by what’s in our hearts.
• Find strength in disappointment.
• Every moment is a chance and a gift.