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Paleo Slow Cooker Cookbook: 60 Healthy Recipes to Make Life Easier by Karen Douglas

Learn How to Lose Weight on the Paleo Diet by Cooking Easy Delicious Slow Cooker Recipes
If you are sick of the same tired diets with no results, then the Paleo Diet Lifestyle is for you!
Other Diets

Are mostly just fads
Can be unhealthy
After they are completed most people gain the weight right back
Don’t always promote a balanced diet

The Paleo Lifestyle

Offers a new healthy lifestyle solution
Provides a healthy way to lose weight that can be lasting
Based on whole foods that the paleolithic era humans consumed
Has the backing of several reputable scientist and studies

What You Will Get From This Book

You will learn how to save time and money by cooking healthy meals in a slow cooker
You will be able to create delicious Paleo Diet Recipes with the over 60 Paleo Recipes included in the book
You will be able to confidently shop for foods that you know you can consume on the Paleo Diet

What Others are Saying About The Author

Great For Beginners… March 12, 2013
By Franca
I am new to this eating lifestyle and this book has really been a great wealth of knowledge in explaining the different types of eating lifestyles compared to this one. Great and easy recipes and full lists of do’s and food lists…