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Parenting: Raising The Best Kids by Kendell Fox

Thank you for your interest in this book.

In it we discuss the fundamentals of being an extraordinary parent, but with the rare guidance of those wonderful gifts we know as children.

It is absolutely necessary for each parent to accept the responsibility of the role they are called to have in each child’s life and to learn how to equip their child with the best tools available in order to produce extraordinary leaders for the future of humanity.

This book will include the following topics:
– How to Discipline your child effectively
– What your children desire most from you
– How to develop a healthy sense of self-worth
– What to expect from children in their teens
– How to address sex, dating and immorality
– How to limit the risk of substance abuse
– The best strategy for healthy adults

And more.

This book was written with integrity and love, which we trust will bless the lives of all of our readers.