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Predatory Kill: A Legal Thriller by Kenneth Eade

Live the mystery and suspense of the best selling legal thriller
Can too big to fail get away with murder?

#1 best selling financial thriller and #1 best selling political thriller. A compelling legal novel by the best selling author of “An Involuntary Spy”. Brent Marks had paid his dues as a lawyer, having taken his share of divorces and drunk driving cases over his 20 year career, but had finally reached a place in his life where he could take on cases of social importance. What he least expected was for April Marsh’s predatory lending case against the big banks for wrongful foreclosure on her parent’s home to turn into a murder investigation. April’s mother was murdered. Her father was beaten within an inch of his life, and she believes their predatory lender is to blame. Are banks really that above the law?
Predatory Kill has rocketed to the top of two top best seller lists in its first week of sale

#1 Financial Thriller
#1 Political Thriller
#10 Legal Thriller
#1 Hot new release in legal thrillers
#1 Hot new release in political thrillers

˃˃˃ Go on a wild ride where the action never stops

Courtroom drama and out of courtroom drama. Best selling author Kenneth Eade, who gave you “An Involuntary Spy” delivers a masterful novel where the action never stops. The bank is on trial, and everyone is in danger. Murder, corruption, mystery and danger are on every page. Nobody can escape the reach of the mysterious predatory killer.
˃˃˃ Discover what other readers already know

“If you are a fan of fast-paced, action-packed thrillers that combine corruption and murder with courtroom drama, then ‘Predatory Kill’ by Kenneth Eade is the best choice you could ever make. The author’s compelling writing and brilliant dialogue will remind you of John Grisham’s first novels, which makes Kenneth Eade an author you must follow because his writing will become even better, and each new novel will take you by surprise. The author is already well-known for his bestselling novel ‘An Involuntary Spy’, for which he was praised by both critics and Amazon reviewers.” Jo Ammons, NY Book Examiner

“Kenneth Eade is the well-known author of the bestselling political thriller “An Involuntary Spy”. Recently, he has published his second novel, “Predatory Kill”, which is an edge-of-your-seat legal thriller that will take readers by surprise and raise some thought-provoking questions about law and justice in the world we live in today.” Independent Publisher News

“Predatory Kill” is the type of novel that mixes together action and suspenseful thrills with engaging drama and emotionally charged characters for a truly entertaining read. Kenneth Eade does a wonderful job of weaving the story together to form a tale that engages your mind and your senses… taking you on a journey of corruption, murder, danger, big business, courtroom drama and the essential human elements that bind the story together in intricate ways. The writing is refreshingly engaging, vivid in imagery, features authentic characters that draw you into their story and a thrilling plot that takes you eagerly all the way to the satisfying end.”

“This book by Kenneth Eade is a real page-turner. I read this book in one night and just couldn’t let it go. I am a fan of legal thrillers and have read many books written by John Grisham. I can say this book has beaten all the books written by Grisham. You can see Kenneth has a real legal background when you read this book. If you want to read an amazing legal thriller then you should read this book. I will keep following this author and I hope to read more great books in the future.”