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Rate Websites for Profit: How to Make Money Online as a Page Quality Rater by Mark Westly

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Make Money Online by Rating Webpages!

Around the world, there are thousands of people who work from the comfort of their homes, rating webpages for their incomes. They control their time and are able to balance their work and home lives. They have better relationships with their families. They don’t have to put up with annoying bosses or coworkers, and they can avoid the dreadful commute to work.

Who are these people? They’re page quality raters! In Rate Websites for Profit, you will learn exactly what a page quality rater does and how to become one.

Are you a website owner? Understanding the process of page quality rating is a valuable skill that can help drive more traffic to your site!

What is a Page Quality Rater?

Many people have never heard of page quality raters. Keep in mind that this position is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Page quality raters work from home for companies like Google and Bing. Their job is to sift through web content to help make search results more accurate and helpful.

Rate Websites for Profit will teach you precisely how to succeed as a page quality rater!

Become a Successful Page Quality Rater

The benefits of working online are exceptional. Whether you are looking for some extra side income, or a way to quit your day job, page quality rating is a great option for you!

In Rate Websites for Profit, you will discover:

What page quality raters do and why they are needed
The different types of raters
Pay and benefits
Skills, qualities, and tools needed for the job
Steps to becoming a rater
The companies that hire
In depth details of the work to be completed

Download the book now and start rating!