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Security Breach! 50 Secret Tips & Tricks to Protect Your Privacy –And Your Money by SD Dale

SECURITY BREACH! 50 Secret Tips & Tricks To Protect Your Privacy –And Your Money

Privacy is becoming extremely rare these days. You would be surprised at the incredible amount of personal information about you and your family on the Internet today. “Big Data” is getting bigger and more intrusive every day; Identity theft and identity fraud are crimes on the rise! People just don’t realize how easy it is for hackers and criminals to get their personal information…and then their money!

But, there are ways to protect yourself. In this book you will find many ways to thwart the attackers and protect your most precious assets: your privacy, financial and digital security! The more layers of protection and roadblocks you can put between yourself and the criminals, the better off you’ll be.

You will find over 50 secrets, tips and tricks in this book, like:

How to protect yourself from the devastating, new security vulnerability called The Heartbleed Bug

A must have list of the best security (hardware and software) tools for computer, smartphone and tablet security.

What are some of the best Password Managers, and Encryption products and services?

Many listings, comparisons and links to the best online Cloud Backup Services

Great listings and suggestions of unique Apple and Android apps to keep you safe on your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

…and even More Resources to help keep you private, safe and secure while shopping and surfing online.

Many secrets are revealed about stealthy apps, tools, tips, tricks and software that will help you surf and shop the web safely and anonymously.

Don’t think it can happen to you? Think again! Prepare and educate yourself to the many dangers of our digital world so you don’t become one of the victims who wishes they’d done more before it happened!

This book will tell you some of the things you can do to protect yourself from cyber-crime and data theft. And it will suggest to you some surprising things you shouldn’t do!

I hope that you will find some useful secrets, tips and tricks to help keep you safe from all the unscrupulous and dangerous hackers, scammers and criminals who are out there every day trying to find a way to steal your identity and your money.