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Seed saving-Discover all the secrets to saving seeds-Tips & Techniques by doctor garden

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For those growing an organic garden, there is nothing more enjoyable than picking and saving seeds in order to plant them at the appropriate season.

In this step by step guide,Denny Hamlin, expert gardener, shares how simple it is to do the following:

1-Structure of a Seed

2- Gymnosperms vs. Angiosperms

3- Seed Growth and Development

4- Seed Germination

5-Factors Affecting Seed Germination

6- Steps in Seed Germination

7-Saving Seeds

8-all Tips on Saving Seeds of different organic plants

And this is just a small portion of what the book contains. In this manual I gathered tips and techniques from over 20 years of experience, simple explanations, and illustrations.

“ One of the easiest and most useful books I have read in a long time . ”
“ I’m can’t wait to get my hands back in the dirt. ”
“ It is well written and very easy to understand. ”