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Self-Mastery: Personal Empowerment for Creating the Life You Desire

“This book is part of the tool kit that will support, coach and empower you to take control of and bring balance to different areas of your life. It will assist you in developing your willpower and personal discipline to ensure that you can create what you desire in life. Ultimately, as a self-paced study and practice of the principles of self-mastery, it is designed to lead you towards the realisation of your highest potential.

The information provided is not simply theory, rhetoric, principles or anything else that could be open to interpretation or ambiguity. This book is a practical, tangible, real-time investigation of what actions do and will aid you in making personal and professional changes that create amazing and powerful results.”

Author Bio:
Dr Marcus Chacos is the principal chiropractor and director of Integrated Natural Therapies and the founder of the Natural Treatment of Arthritis Institute. He has been practising since 1996.

Marcus’s practice is based upon a philosophy that health is an inherent state in all people and, by achieving balance between the physical, chemical and mental/emotional elements of one’s life, one may experience total body health and successful living.

Marcus incorporates kinesiology, diet and nutrition, homoeopathy, herbalism and exercise prescription in his care and is focused on total body health and personal empowerment. Application of these techniques, combined with education and caring support, provides powerful impetus for lifestyle enhancement and personal healing and development.