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Simply Paleo: How to Lose Weight, Eat Great and Diet Easy by Lisa Roberts

Thousands Now Lose Weight on the Paleo Diet Who Never Thought They could
Start Losing Weight in as Little as 24 Hours with These 154 Foods to Choose From

Most people just can’t stand to count calories and portions because it’s just too hard to do in the midst of a busy lifestyle. With most diets it’s virtually impossible to eat out without taking a calculator to every restaurant and fast food place. With this diet you can eat great, tasty foods and forget about calories. You’ll be eating foods that the human body was meant to assimilate.

What’s the Solution?

The Paleo Diet is an extremely easy to implement diet. You don’t have to use complicated formulas, body mass indicators and jump through all kinds of hoops to make this diet work. All you have to do is eat any of the 154 foods listed in this book and watch the pounds and inches fall off.

Paleo, AKA “The Caveman Diet” has you eating food that was designed specifically for humans. The diet is simple. The foods are delicious and healthy too. You can lose enormous amounts of weight safely on this diet. You can eat fresh fruits, lean meats, vegetables and fish. PLUS you can snack too! . . . Who wouldn’t love that?

Also, this diet is known to be great when it comes to optimum health. It’s been linked to improvements and prevention of heart diesease and cancer as well as osteoporosis and many other health issues.
The book contains:

154 Foods you can eat . . . You can eat healthy and lose weight whether your at home or on the road.
7 Simple Diet Rules . . . There’s nothing complicated to remember.
24 Amazing Recipes . . . You’ll never be at a loss for what to eat at breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

˃˃˃ Your ancient ancestors ate this way . . . AND THEY WEREN’T FAT!

This is the diet for you if you want to stay or get thin, have tons of energy, fight disease, stay strong and love every bite when you sit down to eat.