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Sinus Relief Today – The Snot Manefesto

Sinus infections cause misery for the masses and result in over a billion dollars in doctor visits every year in the US. Understanding the basics and treatment options can relieve the symptoms quickly.

2nd edition includes a new section on the most common questions patients ask and a discussion of answers. Also updated and clickable table of contents.

Go behind the curtain of medicine and see how doctors decide who needs an antibiotic and when further testing such as a CT scan is required.

Certain treatments work better than others and learn how to save unneeded expense. Get the inside facts in the book.

Mitchel M.D. is a board certified physician who writes extensively in addition to a full time clinical practice. His works can be found across the healthcare area as he has written multiple articles and often provides guest posts for a variety of medical blogs and websites. His passions are patient education, advocacy and nutrition.