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Small Habits, Bigger Results: Mini Habits Strategy To Get Into The Best Shape of Your life by Mark Snyder

You Have The Power To Change!

Our lives are a series of choices. Your current “life” is the result of your past choices. Most of your choices are the same day after day because your brain likes routine–it’s the way it was designed–to learn something and then repeat it automatically. Once you learned how to drive, tie your shoes, brush your teeth or eat a certain way, you just keep repeating it over and over day after day. Habits make life easier because you no longer have to “think” about doing something, it just happens.

However, our habits can become such forces that they cause us to forget about and stop believing in the gift of choice we all possess! By the time we become adults, most of us feel we have very little choice. We begin to believe that everything around us is choosing for us. How could I go back to school? I have kids. How could I look for a better job? I have to pay the bills. How could I go to the gym? I don’t have time. How could I like broccoli? I’ve always hated broccoli. How could I stop eating fast food for lunch every day? All my friends go!

If you look closely, all these thoughts at the core have fear as the compelling emotion. Fear extinguishes the gift that creates the life you really want–Choice. Once you believe this and start living your life by Your Choice, you will unlock the power that has always been within you to live a healthy life of success and happiness–however you choose to define it.

This book will help you understand and know that:

o Everything you’d like to improve in your life is the result of your current habits. The quality of your life moving forward is determined by how skillful you are at changing habits.

o You have two “brains” and your Mind Chatter is the natural result of your subconscious brain’s activity to protect you. It is not YOUR thinking.

o The importance of associating pain and discomfort to the habit you want to change.

o The importance of using Self-Talk to override Mind Chatter and reprogram what you want to become habit.

o Your habits are not easily changed without skill and using your willpower in the correct way.

o Your routine is the biggest habit standing in your way to learning how to change your habits and get the life you really want.

So, in this book we have introduced and outlined the top skills that, when used together, empower you to do what so few can do–successfully change your habits.