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Sons of God Daughters of Men

Sons of God Daughters of Men by Edward F. Malkowski

Sons of God Daughters of Men
Sons of God – Daughters of Men is a history book written for a general audience. It inherits it’s title from the peculiar introduction to the story of Noah’s flood, in the 6th chapter of the biblical Genesis, where the “sons of God” saw that the daughters of men were beautiful and took them as wives. There, they are described as “heroes of old” and “men of renown”, supposedly at a time when mankind was just created, eight generations before Noah.
This rather eerie reference to seemingly divine men has been, for myself, a continuous source of curiosity. If they were so famous, why then are there no other writings of their acts and deeds? And why were their offspring and descendents referred to as giants? Never having obtained a plausible answer from anyone, I contend that something significant happened a very long time ago. And whatever happened was hidden or lost during subsequent generations. The intriguing part is that traces of their existence made their way into the most popular book in the history of civilization.

Sons of God – Daughters of Men is about history and not theology, although it is difficult not to mention and discuss various theological ideas and trends. It is about setting aside any preconceived ideas and doctrinal notions, recovering the prehistory from the earliest chapters of Genesis, and placing them in their proper context. This book’s intent is to reveal the historical facts behind the stories.

There is abundant archeological evidence concerning the prehistory of man. And, although its interpretations are often debated among the scientists themselves, their factual basis is irrefutable. If the Bible, in general, is historically accurate, then it’s earliest stories must agree with the archeological and other historical sources. Human events in ancient history did not occur in a vacuum and therefore, are not without an historical context. Sons of God – Daughters of Men hunts through the pages of history in search of facts, in an attempt to establish Genesis as a far more believable and literal text than anyone’s wildest dreams.

Our search begins in 19th century America when settlers moving into the Ohio River Valley unearthed the remains of a forgotten civilization, a society where giants lived among men, and a culture that encompassed the vast, eastern territories of North America. For their posterity, numerous county histories and eventually the United States Geological Survey documented the events of this almost forgotten chapter in U.S. history.

We follow the historical evidence of giants back to ancient Israel and the legendary King David, to Joshua and the conquest of Canaan, then to Abraham and his flight from the Sumerian City of Ur; and finally to Noah, his great-grandfather, Enoch, and the antediluvian world of Genesis where a clash of cultures sparked the most famous fable of all. With scientific and historical evidence cast in complementary light we can see fact in myth, and reveal the truth behind Adam, Eve and the serpent in the Garden of Eden. We also discover the culture of long forgotten people, the true progenitors of civilization whose origins reach back 40,000 years.

Human culture has had a long history of conflict and order. Those who succeed tell their story, almost always as the only story. It is cliché, but true, history is written by the victor. Nations, societies, movements, and ideas that failed somewhere along the way are often depicted as inhuman or evil and in most cases were probably neither. Their vain struggle offers valuable insight into our past and own way of thinking. To truly understand the triumphant we must also understand the defeated.

Sons of God – Daughters of Men does not find its answers in angels, demons or extra-terrestrials, only history and the mountain of evidence produced through 150 years of archeology, anthropology and comparative mythology.