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Sovereign Ground (Breaking Bonds) by Hilarey Johnson

It isn’t like I dreamed I’d take off my clothes for money when I grew up, but life doesn’t always happen the way you want.

I was desperate when I walked into the Wild Lily. When I left, it was more than just a hundred dollars I’d gained. I had hope.

But every time I think I’m in control—I’m not. Every time I think I have a friend—I don’t. And now, the footsteps behind me are getting louder.

“The story relates to so many of us that have come from the sex industry. This is the God I know and love and who first loved me without regard to what I had done, what had been done to me or where I had come from! A MUST read.”
Former Madame

“You have captured the pain and the paradox of stripping. This story exposes the truth. I love how you wrote that God gives us dignity, but doesn’t take it away like the world does.”
Former Stripper