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Space, Time Travel, Robots and Aliens: 25 Out of This World Stories for Kids (Children’s Science Fiction) FREE Coloring Book Included! (Children’s Book: Beginner Reading Series) by Uncle Amon

Do you like adventurous science-fiction stories about space, robots, time travel, and aliens?
#1 Best-Selling Author, Uncle Amon

This book contains 25 out-of-this-world stories about space, time travel, robots, and aliens! These bizarre stories, crazy characters, and unexpected twists will keep you reading until the end!

Clickable table of contents
Colorful and bold illustrations
Easy-to-read text for beginner readers

This is a great book to read aloud or before bedtime! YOU and your child will love these fun-filled and action-packed stories.

Story List:
Aliens: New Friends of Man
The Moon’s Secret
The “Other” Planet
My Robot is Not Obeying Me!
The Time Machine
Space Station Survival
My First Space Ship Ride
Meteorite Madness
Life of a Robot
Space Junk
My Life as a Time Traveler
My Doppleganger
Aviation Beyond Our Knowledge
Robotic Revenge
What They Don’t Want You to Know
My Alien Friend, Xlognar
Captain Gravity’s Fall From Greatness
The Black Hole: Lost in Time
Mars Mayhem
The Gap in Space
Space Mission Mystery
Solar System Travels
Space Ships, Rockets, and Robots
Earth Ambassadors
The Future is Now

Bebo’s Birthday and the Time Machine

Launch into space and beyond with these action-packed and fun-filled stories.