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Speak, and End Child Sexual Abuse by Tonya Genison Prince

What if you could change lives just by speaking and sharing knowledge about what you already know? Child sexual abuse can be a treacherous topic to discuss before an audience. Yet, it is one of the most important conversations with can have with one another and with our children.

In this new ground breaking book, “Speak, And End Child Sexual Abuse” gives speakers insider tips and ideas from a child sexual abuse expert and child sexual abuse survivor.

This complete and thorough DIY speech kit packed in a convenient book format will help reduce your preparation time for your next presentation. It features insider tips and information to help you:

*Build a natural rapport with an audience,
*Engage the audience with solid fact based information,
*Make the best use of your own lessons and insights,
*Expose some common but dangerously effective tactics used by child sexual abusers.
*Empower your audience to generate a new strategy to keep the children around them safe from the destruction of child sexual abuse.

Purchase this book now and get the tools you need to build a bridge that your audience can cross and take up the strategies you provide in your presentation to build a safer life for children.