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Speed Reading Techniques: How to Read 300% Faster in 24 Hours and Be More Productive (Speed Reading, Study Skills, Rapid Reading, Be More Productive, Pedagogy) by Patrick Smith

Exact Strategies to Master Speed Reading and Be More Productive

Rapid Reading, A Skill Practiced By Elite Students

Dear friend,

Speed reading is the amazing ability to read and learn faster than anyone else. It is a skill practiced and perfected by elite university students all over the world, which allows them to study for exams efficiently and finish books before other people are even halfway through them.

Speed reading saves time and can be applied whenever you need to read something. It could be your morning newspaper, emails, or your favorite blog. Not only does it save you countless hours, it also represents a brain exercise that will improve your memory, productivity, and focus in all kinds of situations.

In my book, Speed Reading Techniques, you will discover how to tap into this elite skill and learn to absorb information with almost inhuman efficiency. Your alertness and concentration will reach peak levels, a change that will also improve your ability to listen and pay attention to teachers, co-workers, family and friends.

Speed Reading, a Skill For Life

Here is a brief overview of what is inside:

How to be alert at all times and concentrate better
How your brain deals with written information
Common mistakes to avoid to boost reading speed
How to prepare your mind and environment for speed reading and productivity
Speed reading techniques and tricks to read more rapidly
A lot more!

Speed reading, or rapid reading, can improve your life in numerous ways. Once learned, you will deal with information in a more efficient manner that will enhance your relationships, your enjoyment of all forms of media, and your knowledge of the world. It is a skill for life, one that will save you an immeasurable number of hours over the decades, while being more productive at the same time.

Would You Like To Know More?

Grab this book and join thousands of people that already use these speed reading techniques to be more productive.