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Stone Shot: A Luke Dodge Adventure Novel by C.F. Goldblatt

C.F. Goldblatt’s best selling adventure series first installment, Stone Shot is an action packed narrative designed to thrill anyone with a sense of adventure and a love for the sea.

The first installment in the Luke Dodge adventure trilogy, Stone Shot begins with the tale of Luke Dodge’s dealings with love and adventure on the open ocean and beyond. Join Luke as he dodges from the Southern California coastline to Rio de Janerio, Haiti, Mexico, and back, straddling the threshold between humankind and mother nature, searching for a place between both worlds to call his own. Stone Shot captures the unique period in a young person’s life, where adulthood looms but the freedom of childhood still prevails, allowing for carefree journeys propelled by the watery promise of immortality. However, in order to understand Luke’s present and future, we must dive into his past and learn how he found his place among the waves.

Luke’s adventures find him sailing to Rio, where the hot Brazilian days and sultry nights bring a new onslaught of mayhem, romance, and action. He returns home to find a raging California wildfire has incinerated his mother’s home and the life he knew. Always on the upswing, Luke finds a new opportunity to help his mother and satisfy his lust for life by traveling to Haiti to collect a gold-tipped conch shell. Voodoo priests, shady business deals, and Luke’s developing sense of self make his international adventures unique, risky, and, as always, an amazing ride. As soon as Luke returns from Haiti, he’s off on another adventure: Baja California and a beautiful, intriguing doctor named Nici who could just be the love of his life.