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Substance Abuse-Help For Family And Friends of an Addict With Drug Abuse Problems by JC Anonymous

Substance Abuse Help-The Book For Family Members and Friends to Learn How To Cope With a Drug Addict

The author has helped tens of thousands of people all over the world learn how to cope with family members and friends with drug abuse problems and he can help you too.
This Kindle book is a bundle of three books combined:
1. How To Deal With An Addict: Helping you cope with drug addicts and substance abusers

2. Addicts: 31 Day Plan for coping with an addict spouse, family member, friend or someone you love

3. 101 Quick Tips for Coping With Drug Addicts: How to deal with substance abusers using pot, prescription pills, cocaine or methamphetamines

When you’ve finished with this Kindle book you will know how to:

Set boundaries with the substance abuser
Love the addict without conditions
Stop being an enabler
Detach with love