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Super Teacher’s Inside Look at How Kids Learn: Brain Based Learning and Teaching (Super Teacher Series) by Jason Stanley

A Complete Teaching and Management System
Just imagine how it would feel if you could cut your busy time in half and double the effectiveness of your teaching time.
This series will give you all the tools you need so your students become wholly engaged, learn fully and deeply, and have great behavior because they want to be in your class.
This book is the foundation of the full brain based learning and teaching system for stellar teaching success.
Teaching is hard isn’t it? First you spend hours preparing for class. With your hard work complete and ready to teach, you realize you have to also be a, disciplinarian, motivator, and counselor!
Of course you didn’t start teaching to become a disciplinarian, you did it to help kids learn and make the world a better place – right?
You have probably looked at lots of teaching techniques and classroom management methods such as learning modalities, multiple intelligences and flipped classroom only to find that they just added many extra hours onto your already busy schedule with little or no real results except you being even more exhausted.
So what are your options?
Of course you can just keep on “battling on” doing what you do now. You can research and do trial and error to find a better way. Or you can learn from the dedicated efforts of a complete school faculty and staff team that has already been there.
Sound good? Let me give you a little of what you will learn
You will learn how to:
• Optimize your student’s ability to learn
• Involve your students with engaged active learning
• Master your student’s information retention for maximum achievement on tests
• Avoid time traps that suck time away from teaching
• Avoid guilt over popular theories that have no business in your class
• Avoid poorly formed theories that don’t work in real classrooms with real students
We were faced with a dismally failing school. Out of desperation the best teaching methods, classroom techniques, ideas and education theory were sifted and distilled to build a successful teaching model for personal development and classroom success. There were no rock star teachers or over the top techies; just a dedicated team that needed something that would work for everyone in every classroom from physics to literature from 1st grade to 12th grade. We found a better way and now want to give it to you.

About the Author: Jason Stanley is a southerner at heart… grew up in Southern California, raced cars in Texas, lived and worked as an educator in Southern Vietnam, now lives in Southern Thailand with the love of his life celebrating 32 years of delightful marriage.

He developed an expertise on the classroom use of Brain Based Learning and Teaching (ABBLAT) as the top administrator of Asia Pacific College (APC) an international K-12 school system in Southern Vietnam. While with APC he administered nine campuses in five cities that included a staff of several hundred of teachers.

He is an International Education Consultant, Teacher Trainer and author.

He is the author of the Super Teacher Series that is focused on bringing easy and effective methods of brain based learning to the classroom.

The Super Teacher Series includes:
* Super Teacher’s Insider Look at How Kids Learn: Brain Based Learning and Teaching
* Super Teacher’s Six Success Steps: Winning Teaching Methods
* Super Teacher’s Classroom Management: No Stress Success
* Super Teacher’s Critical Thinking Champions