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Tails of Imagination

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We’ve all had grand adventures in our dreams, what if our dogs and cats had daring dreams as well? Dive into this wonderful picture book that explores the dreams of a group of shelter pets as they wait patiently to find their forever homes. This book keeps young readers engaged with vivid and detailed images and cheerful, rhyming prose. It’s a book they’ll reach for again and again.

From the Author

As an artist, I’m a huge fan of mash-ups: Finding common objects and ideas and combining them into something new and interesting. That’s how my art series, “Tails of Imagination” began.

I’ve always loved animals and I have a soft spot for those dogs and cats at the animal shelter that are looking for a home and someone to love them. I’m also a big kid and a bigger geek and have a fondness for vintage toys.
When I combined these elements I found a fresh and original way to tell a story on the canvas. No longer was I painting a cute dog doing things you’d expect him to do, now I could paint that same dog having crazy adventures. The idea took off and I know have over 30 paintings in the series.
My artwork is popular with animal lovers and kids and I knew that many of the characters from the series were destined to make it into books. When I began the first book, each character already had a personality and a bit of a back story. I added lyrical prose that kids would enjoy reading and “Tails of Imagination – Ordinary Pets, Extraordinary Adventures” was born.
I’m currently working on books 2 and 3 of the series with all new characters and adventures. Stay tuned.