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Talk to Me: How Animals Talk to Each Other – Christmas Edition, with Adorable Pictures, Fascinating Facts, and FREE Christmas Puzzles to Download (Super Cool Animal Facts for Ages 6-12)

Christmas Edition with Large Collection of FREE Christmas Puzzles and Games to Download. Great for Ages 6-12 Animal Facts Animal Photos Teaching Guides Puzzles
Great gift for your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or any lucky kid you know.

The book uses adorable pictures and fascinating words to teach children about the way in which animals communicate. The pictures look great even in black and white and are excellent on the full color kindle. The book was created so the pictures get bigger for wider screens. The description in the large text beneath is simple enough for early readers or for a parent to guide a child through.

Younger children will love flipping through the pages and looking at the adorable animals. All children will be excited to learn the neat ways that animals talk to each other!

Resources for teachers or homeschooling are included. Discussions, animal puzzles, and suggested activities will all add to the enjoyment of this book at home or at school. Kids will love this book – guaranteed!