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The Bone Thrower (Dreams of a Past Life) Book 1 (The Bone Seer Paranormal Romance Trilogy)

A thrilling paranormal romance, with a twist! Or two!
Imagine if your past life came crashing into this one?

“Remarkably intelligent storytelling of the highest calibre. Dark at times, and perfectly balanced with light and love. The author has struck a chord, deep within my psyche… she took me to a place I had forgotten existed, back to an era full of real magic.” Alicia Abercrombe – Passion & Purpose 4 Life

Isabella Matthews finds herself entangled in a strange little game which begins with the manifestation of bizarre poltergeist acitivity in her home. She then experiences lucid dreams of her life as a Temple Seer in an ancient Lebanese city, the megalopolous of Byblos, the real City of Libraries and from where the word ‘Bible’ originates.

The Temple Seer can see into the future at will- but not what is going on in front of her own eyes… she spectacularly falls from grace, plummeting into a life of hedonistic debauchery- that of a sex slave to sixteen barbaric brothers- and she also becomes haplessly addicted to a mystical, alchemical substance.

However, in the present day, she soon realises that as the ordinary but well educated Isabella Matthews, she can make good on a single, far reaching, fateful decision made long ago…

Isabella grew up in Australia in a remote outback town. She moves to England, where she unexpectedly meets her soul mate. Both lawyers, they team up to battle an unscrupulous multi-national oil company who are wreaking havoc around the world with dire consequences. Who will triumph in this epic legal and spiritual battle, Isabella and her lover? Or the diabolically currupt CEO, Kaylene Lawrence?

Follow The Bone Thrower’s timeless odyssey, through lifetimes, accross continents and unravel one of the biggest mysteries of our very existence, a question we all inevitably ask ourselves, at least once, is there life- after death? Is there life beyond?
You decide.