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The Cannabis Account by Mark Graham

How to grow one hundred million pounds worth of cannabis – £100,000,000.

It is estimated that 500,000 people are currently growing cannabis in the UK. Most of them do so in spare rooms, basements and sheds. Indeed that was how I started. But as the demand for the product increases these small time amateurs cannot cope.
Because our law enforcement agencies like to exaggerate their own importance they refer to these one-man grow rooms as ‘cannabis factories’. They are nothing of the sort. Any fool can grow half a dozen plants in the basement.
The practitioners of serious organised crime do it on a vastly greater scale. The secret is to be so big that the enterprise is never challenged. The police and the long proboscised neighbours are on the lookout for a window covered with a black bin bag or a dangling vent tube; they are not preconditioned to challenge big business.
I have proven that cannabis can be grown on an industrial scale using conventional business methodologies. Done properly, an enterprise could rival British-American Tobacco. Not only do I suggest that this could be done, I suspect somewhere, even now, it is being done.
With all the money that would flood into such an enterprise comes great power; the power to re-write the rules of the game. In fact the power to do anything.