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The Capulet Death: A Romantic Suspense Novel by Angelica Ng

“There is a fine line between hope and desperation, just like there is with love and lust. When the lines get blurred, our judgment gets clouded and we later end up blind, heading to a direction that may lead us to the wrong destination. I don’t want that.

However, it seems to be too late now.”

Blythe Hoult was saved by a strange man eight years ago. Since then, she has worked jobs that later led her to becoming a muse to criminal masterminds. Despite the change it brought to her life, her goal remained the same—to find her savior.

One day, an offer comes her way—to find an elusive criminal under the alias ‘The Magician.’ She takes it, bent on proving to herself and everybody else that seemingly untraceable strangers are indeed possible to find. In her search for The Magician, she finds herself in the center of a series of strange events and realizes that she no longer needs to find The Magician, for he has already come to her.

Blythe will discover that she is in for something beyond her expectations—an unfolding of love, deception, and revenge—when she gets brought into The Magician’s family where there’s Chantal (the twisted), Claude (the cunning), and Gaston (the devil himself).

Upon her arrival, the bad blood among the men of The Magician’s family will come into show, as they all vie for her love and attention.

The Capulet Death is a novel, consisting of approx. 66,700 words. It is recommended for ages 18+ due to its explicit content.