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The Distracted Yogi: How I Reclaimed My BLISS After Brain-Injury & Trauma by MG Desgagne

What is Trauma? How do you define Recovery? This amazing true story of heartbreak & loss and ultimately-true healing will give you another perspective with which to ponder & possibly even answer these two compelling questions.

Michelle Desgagne is The Distracted Yogi. She didn’t start out in life this way but a cycling accident changed all that when the resulting Traumatic Brain Injury created within her a void of personality, character & connection to herself & to everyone else. It was ultimately to become, in her mind, an opportunity, to live an authentic life in congruence with her greater life-purpose.

Join Michelle on her raw & real journey of Trauma-to-Drama-to-Transformation. Even if you are not Brain Injured you will get something of value out of her story-perhaps first understanding then ultimately learning to love yourself in the process.