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The Dreams of a Champion: Goal Setting Workbook for Peak Performance in Sports and Exercise by Ed Martin

Are you starting a new workout regimen just to drop off a month later for lack of motivation? Concentration problem in a big game, tournament or training? Do you get too nervous when competing?

All these problems can be solved with a good goal setting program. It’s not about knowing what outcome you want, you need a solid, short, medium and long term plan if you want to get results.

Having very general goals like “lose weight”, “win” or “give my best” are not enough and won’t help you achieve the results you want.

* The key to staying motivated, develop sports confidence and take your athletic performance to the next level.
* You will learn to create a plan adjusted to your level.
* The different types of goals and how they can help you.
* Guidelines and common mistakes when setting goals.
* Fitness basics, different types of exercises and training areas .
* How to schedule your goals to know exactly what you want to achieve this week, month and year.
* Strategies to remember your goals to keep yourself motivated at all times.
* 7 goal setting exercises.
* 2 bonus exercises.
* 9 worksheets.
And more ..

Goal setting is the most effective and used technique by sports psychologists to motivate and improve mental training for athletes.

Get rid of you motivation and performance issues with this goal setting workbook and get the results you want once and for all. The easiest way to set goals in sport.