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The Eleventh Ring (Bartholomew the Adventurer Book 1) by Tom Hoffman

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“…The Alchemist meets The Hobbit, but with rabbits…”

Sent to the Cavern of Silence by his servant Parfello, Bartholomew Rabbit begins a quest to find the mysterious Great Gem. He is aided along the way by the Tree of Eyes, the nefarious Skeezle Brothers, and his new best friend Oliver T. Rabbit, a renowned scientist working for the Excelsior Electro-Vacuumator Corporation. As Bartholomew’s self-awareness and magical shaping skills grow, his quest transforms to a search for his dearest childhood friend, Clara Rabbit. To save Clara from certain death, he must defeat the evil and powerful Zoran the Emerald Shaper, wearer of the dreaded Tenth Ring.

From The Eleventh Ring:
“Blindly reaching out for his bottle of Madame Beffy’s Headache Tonic, he knocked over a vase filled with glass marbles. They fell to the floor with a great clatter. As he watched them bouncing and skittering across the stone tiles, he had an unexpected thought. The wild, chaotic path of the marbles was not really chaotic at all. Each marble was precisely following the known laws of physical motion. He was not witnessing chaos, but order and perfection. Each marble was exactly where it should be at every moment in time.”