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The Fathers of Israel: Abraham, Isaac & Jacob by Josh Austin

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: these three names are so often referred to by God and by His people that it would be in our best interest to study them in detail.

In this book you will learn:
– What was God’s covenant with Abraham?
– What is the meaning of circumcision?
– What does Isaac share in common with Jesus Christ?
– Why are there ongoing wars in the Middle East?
– What are the Twelve Tribes of Israel?
– Where will God set His throne in the future?
– Who is the ancestor of the nation of Israel?

After reading through this concise book you will be able to understand the role of each Patriarch and the significant events which shaped a nation of God’s chosen people.

The book is written in a Questions and Answers format to help make your study of each Patriarch as fruitful as possible and to provide insight into some of the most overlooked information of each character.

Thank you for your interest in this content.