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The Guide: How To Kiss, Get A Job & Other Stuff You Need To Know by Terry Williams

“…an essential family resource, like a dictionary or an atlas…” – Radio NZ National.

THE GUIDE is overflowing with life skills for the young and young at heart. The comprehensive, well structured and practical advice is delivered in an entertaining and accessible style. It’s a resource to influence others without being a preachy and condescending jerk.

“We would like to make special mention of “The Guide” by Mike Loder and Terry Williams. This self help guide for young adults is comprehensive and honest with loads of useful information. It is pleasing to see a book of this sort which is applicable to New Zealand.” – Library & Information Association of New Zealand – Children’s Book Awards 2009 – Elsie Locke Award: Non-Fiction Category

Provides the young reader with the confidence to take a big stride both into adulthood and towards achieving their dreams. They will be armed with enough knowledge to avoid the top 100 future-wrecking errors that can be made, big and small. Packed full of information on such wide-ranging topics as getting a drivers license, job seeking, avoiding cons, OE travel, alcohol and drugs, flatting, pets, and relationships, the book is an immediately useful, fun toolbox to aid a young person in finding self and demystifying adulthood. It says: ‘Don’t be scared. You are not alone. Here is some well-supported wisdom to help YOU make decisions.’ And the best thing about THE GUIDE is IT’S FUNNY. Not preachy, not boring, it doesn’t sound like your mum; it’s laugh-out-loud funny.

304 pages.

More info at http://terrywilliams.info/books/guide