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The Innocent Thugs by Henry Alfred Bugalho

An implacable family of criminals. A detective at the bottom of his career. An investigation that will lead him to unpredictable consequences.
Silvana, the mistress of the mafia’s big boss, went to Vico pleading for help, but now she is dead. The most evident explanation is suicide, but detective Vico is not convinced.
In the course of the investigation, Vico will end up in the grip of the Italian mafia, in a war against Chinese drug smugglers for the control of the power in the city.
In a corrupted and violent world, where Vico can trust no one, will he be able to solve Silvana’s death? Will he survive in this fight against ruthless criminal organizations?
About the Author
Henry Alfred Bugalho is a Brazilian writer, editor and translator. B.A. in Philosophy and post-graduation studies in Literature and History.
Currently he is the editor of Revista SAMIZDAT, a literary magazine that publishes Brazilian and Portuguese authors, and is an accomplished independent travel writer in South America.
Three of his novels and one novella were published in Brazil to this date. His work has appeared in American and Brazilian journals and anthologies.
With a gypsy lifestyle, he’s been moving from country to country in the past 8 years. He is currently living in Lisbon, Portugal.