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The Life Plan by Holden Voltaire

The Life Plan is one of funniest books that you will read this year and it is a winner of the highly coveted Robbins Review Prize. This political satire is sure to delight and inspire, and at the very least, get a giggle or two out of you.
This book is the journey of a few college kids who create a shared life plan that, by their thinking, ensures that they will end up wealthy. While creating their collective destiny, they have some run-ins with the wrong crowd – the Republican Right Wing.
Written by Holden Voltaire, creative writer extraordinaire, this book appears on the surface to be a simple and silly tale. However, Voltaire does several things that have never been attempted in literature.
The style of this book is somewhere between what you’d get if you mix up Tom Robbins, Christopher Moore, Chuck Palahniuk, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and the Jerk. Oh, and a dyslexic.