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The Model’s Bible & Global Modeling Agency Contact List – An Insider’s Guide on How to Break into the Fashion Modeling Industry by R.C. Labe

Break into the fashion modeling indutry without spending a fortune on bogus modeling agencies and professional photography!!

The Model’s Bible + Global Modeling Agency Contact List, was written by international supermodel R.C. Lane, and is a straight forward fashion industry insider’s guide on how to break into the modeling industry and succeed in creating a lucrative career as a professional working model in the fashion industry.
Develop a strategic plan to get signed!

The Model’s Bible + Global Modeling Agency Contact List, will help you develop a strategic plan to get signed with a modeling agency or commercial agency and begin working in as little time as possible. Everything you need to know as a professional working model is covered in great detail drawing from firsthand experience of over a decade of working with professional photographers and top clients in the fashion capitals of the world including NYC, Paris, Milan, London, and many more.

• Learn how the pro’s globally submit themselves to top modeling agencies for consideration no matter where they are located using a simple digital camera.

• Gain access to the highly sought after, Global Modeling Agencies Contact List and get contact information to legitimate agencies in every viable fashion modeling market around the globe including top modeling agencies in NYC, Paris, Milan, Berlin, Los Angeles, London, Cape Town, Sydney and many many more!

• Learn the techniques professional fashion models use on big budget modeling sets to create bullet proof confidence and make the job look easy!

• Know how to spot a scam from a mile away and avoid the mistakes many new fashion models make that can be damaging to a modeling career.

• Determine which market you have the most potential for working in among the many available segments of the modeling industry around the world including high fashion modeling, commercial modeling, fitness modeling, runway modeling, plus size or child and baby modeling.

• Everything you need to know about commissions, day rates, and modeling contracts in order to get the best possible deals and keep the most money in your pocket.

• Gain an exclusive backstage perspective on Fashion Week in NYC, Milano, and Paris and step by step instruction on what it takes to strut the runways like a seasoned pro.
What other readers are saying!:

“The Model Bible” by R.C Lane was indeed informative at explaining the ins and outs of the model industry. Another cool thing about the book is that at the end of the book there are actual addresses to model management companies all over the world.” -Danielle Benji

“Anyone planning to start a career as a model, having their child enter the field, or just curious about the life of a model, would benefit by reading this.” -James Liston

“The list of contact information for over one hundred modeling agencies around the world is worth the price of the book.” -Frank Coopa
About the Author:

Author of The Model’s Bible, R.C. Lane, has worked with the biggest clients and agencies in the fashion industry including Lancôme, Maybelline, Calvin Klein, Guess Jeans, Armani, Vogue Magazine, and Harper’s Bazaar to name a few. He has been featured in hundreds of campaigns, commercials, and magazines over a career spanning more than fifteen years as a working top model.