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The NO-GMO Diet

The No GMO Diet

NON-GMO…what does that mean? Ever consider that foods labeled “healthy” really aren’t? Or why there’s non-GMO food list in the first place? What are GMOs and how do they affect your health? Why are GMOs in foods anyway? Have you ever wondered why losing weight seems to be so hard?

This jaw-dropping exposé shows how GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are not only contributing to the obesity epidemic, but how these fake foods could be responsible for many modern ills today.

The obesity rate in America continues to break records each year, with nearly 70% of Americans falling into the overweight category as of 2013.

But to understand why so many of us became overweight to begin with, we have to look at what changed in our food supply nearly 20 years ago…and that is what you’ll discover with this book.

You’ll also learn the step-by-step plan to eradicate fat-driving GMOs from your diet to start feeling good all over.