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The Paradox Initiative: A Sci-Fi Novel of Adventure and Mystery by Alydia Rackham


Kestrel Evans hates Mondays. Mostly because she’s disappointed in her job. She studied literature and language but she’s working at a spaceport, selling guns and supplies to snooty galactic tourists.

A deafening crash comes from her back room. A ten-foot cylinder appears out of nowhere and flattens all the boxes–and out of it steps a young man in a leather jacket, toting some sort of long, sawed-off gun. And he’s smoking a cigarette. Which is EXTREMELY illegal.

All at once, Kestrel’s life spirals out of control. Jack Wolfe, this sharp, scarred, irascible stranger, demands Kestrel’s help in finding William Jakiv, a scientist whose methods are as famous as they are morally questionable. And when Kestrel’s family enters Jakiv’s cross-hairs, Kestrel has no choice.

It’s now an interstellar race. Kestrel and Jack are pitted against hired mercenaries, disease, mechanical soldiers and inner demons, and along the way, Kestrel begins to suspect that Jack Wolfe may be an integral part of a dangerous and galactically-forbidden time-travel project: The Paradox Initiative.

About the Book

The Paradox Initiative is a science fiction adventure story filled with mystery and a bit of romance. If you like sci fi, romance, and mystery stories, you will enjoy this novel!

About the Author

Alydia Rackham became fascinated with writing stories when she was twelve-years old, and hasn’t paused a moment since. She fell in love with Beowulf, Shakespeare, Chaucer, Dickens and Tolkien in high school, and earned her bachelor’s degree in English from McPherson College. She’s written several novels and her head is spinning with several more that she can’t wait to share with the world.

More About The Paradox Initiative

The Paradox Initiative is a science fiction mystery and adventure novel. Yes, there’s romance and love involved, but it’s not the defining aspect of this intriguing and fun story. If you enjoy mystery novels, light science fiction and adventure, you’ll love this book by Alydia Rackham.