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The Perfect Baby Name List by Sophia Smith

You’re about to have your baby, what name have you picked out?

While other books may focus on jamming in as many names as possible, The Perfect Baby Name List is a collection of 9,655 great names that you would actually want to name your child. I won’t waste your time listing 30 different spellings of the same name. I also won’t waste your time trying to make up names with my own imagination.

The names in the book range from common to unique, but none of them are silly. Unlike some other books, I’ve designed this one to help you find a great name as fast as possible!

The Perfect Baby Name List gets right to the point. Some books try to give you a detailed history and meaning for each name, but many times this information can be inaccurate. My book gives you just the names so you can find the perfect fit for the newest member of your family.