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The Psychopath Exposed: Understanding and Dealing with an Emotional Predator by Jonas Warstad


It saves you time!

This is a short and time-saving book. You can read it in about 1 hour, and get all the information you need to understand and deal with a psychopath/sociopath.

Yes it also teaches you how to DEAL with a psychopath/sociopath!

Dealing with psychopaths will naturally cause controversy, with some claiming that it’s dangerous, or impossible. I never liked the word Impossible. Make no mistake however. While I designed the methods in my book to be as safe as possible, dealing with a psychopath/sociopath is ALWAYS potentially risky, regardless of whether you do nothing — or something.

BUT I don’t underestimate the intelligence of YOU, the reader, so I list ALL my methods, whether some consider them “dangerous” or not. Naturally it is up to you to decide which method you should use.

Yes I also write about the usual… how to understand a psychopath/sociopath

What is the typical psychopath behavior?

Are all psychopaths the same?

Do psychopaths have any “normal” feelings and needs?

Do psychopaths have any “normal” relations with other people?

Why does a psychopath care so little about other people and their feelings?

Why and how does a psychopath manipulate you?

Why and how does a psychopath enter a “romantic relationship”?

Is psychopathy curable?

Are psychopaths evil?

How do you deal with a psychopath?

How do you discontinue a relationship with a psychopath?

Who is this book for?

This book is first and foremost written for regular people and will, in a quick and easy way, explain all you need to know about psychopaths for practical purposes: what a psychopath is and how they “think,” with practical tips on what you can do to prevent being emotionally and psychologically compromised if you work or live with a psychopath or have a psychopath in your family.

Often extremely difficult to work with and very possibly unsafe or impossible to live with, if YOU know someone who you suspect is a psychopath, then this is the book for you!