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The Quest For The Gem Of Arubia

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The Quest For The Gem Of Arubia is a touching story of an Albino child who embarks on a dangeorus journey in a bid to free the people. It is a fantasy book with a blend of riddles inspiring children and the young at heart to live their dreams. The Kingdom of Nsewe has been thrown into confusion with the birth of a strange looking baby, born under mysterious circumstances. Omorege grows up to be rejected by the people and is called ‘Odd boy’. Dominus, the evil one who was locked up in the valley of Acridon, in the realm of Aspirathis two centuries ago has escaped. He is determined to rule Nsewe including the seven kingdoms beyond the Human realm with an iron rod.

According to the ancient scroll of the kingdoms, once every century, a guardian is born to defend the kingdoms and prevent the evil one from ruling and is called the ‘Chosen One’. He alone can stop Dominus from succeeding. Armed with an ilujo and accompanied by the greatest Riddler of his day, the ‘Chosen One’ must face grave danger while traversing the kingdoms, overcome all challenges, and face his fears in his quest to get the Gem of Arubia to stop the evil one.