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The Secret Apps That Will Grow Your Business and How to Get Them DIRT-CHEAP: The Business Owner’s Guide to the Newest and Best Marketing Technology

Discover how a new, secret type of smartphone-apps that nobody talks about is helping smart business-owners to make more money and more sales, and get more customer loyalty and retention, for a tiny investment that any business can afford
Plus get a 300$ gift coupon inside!
Read this book to find out –
• 7 great ways to acquire more leads with your app, at practically zero cost.
• 4 things that you can do with your app to increase your customer’s engagement, foster brand loyalty and increase client-retention.
• 11 things that you can do with your app to sell more of your products and services.
• The easiest way to increase your app’s value in the eyes of your customers, and how to get paid for doing so, without selling anything!
• How to turn your app into a nexus of business activity and make more money without working any harder.
In this book I will show you how you can easily do better than some large corporations and get yourself an attractive, fully –functional app that will support your business needs at a fraction of what they paid for theirs. When you read this book you will see how you can do it without understanding code, without hiring an off-shore programmer, and without being distracted from the daily management of your business.
Where would your business be today if you had the mind to get early enough into Internet- marketing? Smartphone-apps are at the heart of an even bigger marketing revolution. You owe it to your business NOT to miss this opportunity.
After reading this book you will know –
• Why smartphone-apps are the greatest marketing tool ever created.
• Why nobody else is telling you about the right kind of app for your business, and why I do.
• What are the two leading business-models for smartphone-apps, and which is right for your business.
• Why regular apps could cost you a fortune, and how to get your app for a fraction of what other businesses paid for theirs.
• How to get your application available for both iPhone and Android users, without paying double the development costs.
• And much more…
This easy-to-read book will teach you everything you need to know about growing your business with smartphone apps. If you ever wondered what are apps good for, if you ever felt that you missed your chance to make it big with the Internet, and if you want to help your business market better and sell more, buy and read this book.