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The Secret: Law of Attraction Revealed – A Practical Guide to Manifesting Your Desires: (How To Manifest) by William Maxwell

The Secret

Law of Attraction Revealed

How to Manifest Your Desires

This book contains proven steps and strategies on manifesting desires. It draws from the knowledge of 3 gurus (Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, and Rhonda Byrne) to deliver a practical, easy-to-follow guide. This book will teach you how to correctly utilize the law of attraction, enabling you to tap into your innate power to create miracles and make your dreams a reality. There is a mysterious power that aligns everything in the universe and you are a manifestation of that power. You can use your God-given ability to control your thoughts to manifest your dreams. This book will show you how.

In This Book You’ll Learn…

How to develop the proper mindset to create a stronger attracting force
How to effectively use the steps of The Law of Attraction
Powerful strategies for using The Law of Attraction
Essential knowledge from 3 gurus for using The Law of Attraction
How to feel your way to your desires
Much, much more!

This book will serve as a guide for everything you need to know about the law of attraction. It will teach you exactly how to apply the law of attraction to aid you in gaining first-hand experience with the skill of manifesting.

Awaken Your Natural Ability to Manifest