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The Secret of Slim by Chris Chopra

Our great-grandparents didn’t need to worry about weight loss, they lived the natural life. The latest fad diet backed by corporate funded research may help you lose weight overnight, but it will probably wreck havoc on your health as well. Isn’t it time for a permanent and sustainable solution?

The Secret of Slim is a weight loss system that uses the principles of Ayurveda – a 5,000 year old form of medicine from India. Ayurveda is completely natural and primarily uses diet and herbs to cure health problems.

But what is the advantage of The Secret of Slim?

Natural – all the recommendations of The Secret of Slim are completely natural, that means no nasty side-effects
Health and Balance – “Ayurvedic Weight Loss” is actually a misnomer – losing weight is a side benefit, the goal is health and longevity
Inexpensive – fruits, vegetables, spices, grains (no wheat) and herbs are all you need, which are readily and cheaply available everywhere
Permanent Solution – The Secret of Slim gets to the root of the problem and solves it rather than trying to treat the symptoms
Customized – your body and constitution is unique – the way your body will react to a weight loss program is different to how someone else’s body will react this is at the foundation of Ayurveda and The Secret of Slim
Personalized – The Secret of Slim personalizes the weight loss program for your specific needs and lifestyle

This means that after following the suggestions in this book, your skin will have a healthy glow that comes from eating well, more mental clarity, higher energy levels and increased stamina.

Read on to see how you can access Ayurvedic wisdom

What is Included in The Secret of Slim

The Secret of Slim is much more than just a book it is a complete healthy weight loss system.

The Secret of Slim Book

The Secret of Slim book is the essence of what the author learned about Ayurvedic Weight Loss living in India for eight years. The book is divided in two parts:

Part one covers the fundamentals of Ayurvedic weight loss – how Ayurveda differs from modern medicine, basic concepts and understanding obesity in the Ayurvedic paradigm.

Part two discusses the action-oriented four phases of The Secret of Slim System (SoS System):

Phase I – Terminate the Toxins – The first step in the SoS System is to remove toxins via the channels of your body
Phase II – Double Your Digestion – In this phase, you will explore the various ways to jump-start your digestion, including diet, light exercise and herbs
Phase III – Fry the Fat – This phase further builds on the first two phases and includes herbs for fat burning and strengthening your digestive system
Phase IV – Fit Forever – In this phase, the author gives you some guidelines on how to prevent and cure issues that may arise to make sure your weight stays off

Along with the purchase of the book you receive:

The Secret of Slim Guidebook – A practical step-by-step guide to implementing The Secret of Slim to your life includes a meal planning worksheet, weight log and other useful tips & tricks
Ten Commandments of Food – Simple habits with a profound impact on your weight loss
Five One-page Cheatsheets – Shortened summaries of all the information in The Secret of Slim for easy access
Membership to The Secret of Slim Members Site – The Members Site has three sections: Q&A for asking questions and seeing popular answers, Bookmarks for a repository of useful Ayurveda links and Member Resources where you can download extras