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The Tithing Hoax: Exposing the Lies, Misinterpretations & False Teachings about Tithing by R. Renee

Never Pay Tithes Again!
We tell you why – 100% backed by scripture

The Tithing Hoax will provide you with life-changing answers to your tithe questions…100% backed by scripture…no more paying 10% you can’t afford…no more feeling guilt, shame or condemnation because you don’t tithe…no more broken “money cometh” promises from Prosperity Gospel preachers.

What makes The Tithing Hoax unique is that it is more than a Bible Study on the subject of tithing. It is a ministry that speaks to Christians who are struggling with tithing, and who are being hurt spiritually, emotionally and financially by the modern-day tithe…and the Prosperity Gospel.
Your Tithe Questons Answered

If you’re seeking accurate Bible-based answers to your questions about tithing, then this new Kindle Book – “The Tithing Hoax: Exposing the Lies, Misinterpretations & False Teachings about Tithing” – gives you the answers to 29 important questions and challenges every Christians faces with the modern-day tithe, including:

What is the tithe?
What did Jesus say about tithing?
Does the Bible command Christians to tithe?
Has tithing been abolished under the New Covenant?
How can the church support itself if church members stop paying tithes?
And more!

You’ll also discover:

How the paying tithes places Christians under a curse.
How the early church supported itself without ever collecting tithes.
Why you’re breaking God’s Law every time you pay tithes.
Why modern-tithing is a get-rich-quick scheme that only benefits Prosperity Gospel preachers.
Why the modern-tithe is a rejection of Jesus Christ, and his death on the cross.
And so much more…

Want to Know More?

Join thousands of your fellow believers who have embraced the truth about tithes…and who have broken the yoke of the tithe deception.
Authors and teachers, R. Renee and Cynthia Harper, walk you through the scriptures and show you what the Bible really says about paying tithes…

Once you read The Tithing Hoax you may never tithe again!